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Retail Catalog

As a Business Owner, you will be able to create a digital catalogue through a product management module with a location-specific price, discount, and taxes

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Service Catalog

As a Service Business Owner , you can create a workflow driven service catalog. Once the service is purchased, the business can assign tasks to individuals within the organization.

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Make to Order Catalog

As a Business Owner , you can create a digital catalogue with a product that is built to order. Subsequent routing steps can be created and managed by the business.

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What is Carbon ?

We, Svagam Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. ("We," "Us," "Our," "Company") Provides a Product Carbon, Application with multiple functional modules. It delivers a digital commerce catalog with an exceptional path to purchase experience. It is a workflow based system that allows a business to execute on multiple brands and locations for its products and services. The current product fully supports the retail industry.

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About the Digital Menu

Carbon's journey started as a backend engine for a digital menu for the restaurant industry. Carbon also has a marketing asset creation module for generating on-the-fly collateral for digital assets.


Cool facts about this app

Here we are developing a cloud-based POS, to track and process numerous purchases.


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What Our Users Says

Carbon Food Software has been a game-changer for our food business. The integration with our existing systems was smooth, and the support team was incredibly helpful throughout the process.

Ena Shah

Teacher at Abc School

The software’s features, like the automated inventory management and detailed sales reports, have streamlined our operations and reduced waste.

Mrs. Gosh


We recently started using Carbon Food Software, and it has already made a significant impact on our daily operations. The order management system is intuitive, and the ability to track delivery times has helped us improve our service efficiency. The software’s interface is clean and easy to navigate, which my staff appreciates.

John Doe


Carbon Food Software is a must-have for any food business. The comprehensive features, such as customer feedback integration and detailed sales analytics, have provided us with invaluable insights. We’ve been able to tailor our menu based on customer preferences and optimize our inventory to reduce costs.

Jonathan Smith

Creative Designer

Implementing Carbon Food Software in our restaurant was one of the best decisions we’ve made. The software’s robust features, like real-time order tracking and inventory alerts, have streamlined our operations. It’s easy to use, and the training provided was thorough.

Sara A. K.


Our food quality has always been exceptional, but the software has helped us maintain consistency and improve delivery times.

David Smith